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Telemarketing companies in Liechtenstein

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High Above Tele Communications Company is a fast growing telemarketing and communications company located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. We have been working out of a small office for the past two years which we have outgrown due to our high growth rate. It is now time for us to move to larger accommodations.

We have gotten a new office on lease just down the street which is going to fit the bill perfectly. We have the signed lease already but can not move in until the first week of July. I am looking for a moving company that can help us get from here to the new office space. Since we are currently a small office, there is not all that much to move, which should make this fairly easy to accomplish. We can do all the prep work and packing before your company comes to help us with the move as well which I am assuming will help with the cost of this all, yes?

Name: Holly Banks

Company: High Above Tele Communications Company

Country: Liechtenstein

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