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My company operates a small call centre in Switzerland. We have operated in the same building for the past 7 years, but we have recently discovered that we require more space. While this is a good problem for us to have in that our company is growing, it presents us with the dilemma of having to pack everything and move from our current location to a new office building. Luckily we found our new home across town, so the move will only be local.

We need contact with an experienced moving company that can not only move us, but also provide us with the expertise to pack our equipment and office furnishings. We have 9 computer workstations, 5 regular sized office desks, approximately 17 chairs, an estimated 23 boxes of supplies and smaller equipment, and an assortment of lamps and other decor items.

With your provided information, please include information about padding, boxes, and the estimated cost of moving across town. We are planning to make this move soon, so please expedite your company's information. We look forward to reading your replies.

Company: Nordu

Country: Switzerland

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