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Call centres in Bahrain

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I need to know if you know about moving call centres in Bahrain. Our company must move to a new location because we have outgrown our current offices. We are only moving a short way, from Riffa to Zayed Town, but we require the services of a professional moving company who has experience in this.

Our office space is nearly crammed with computer workstations, desks, tables, chairs, and many, many telephones and fax machines. These must be diligently packed so they will arrive at our new offices undamaged. Can you move us? Can you give us an estimated cost for this move? If any of our property arrives at our new offices in a damaged condition, will your company offer restitution? How long will it take for you to move us? Can you move us within one or two days if the packing is nearly done beforehand?

Please email us with a quotation and an estimated time for you to complete this move. I would also like to speak with you directly so please include your telephone number as well.

Company: Call time Ltd

Country: Bahrain

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